Hey Guys! This is my mum’s reaction to seeing my “new face tattoos” – She did freak out, and I think she had a mini heart attack…. My dad is next to prank, I will have to get more tattoos.. I hope you enjoy! If you enjoyed please like and leave a comment on what video I should make next xx ?Produced by: https://instagram.com/plugged

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So for those of you new to my youtube, I just wanted you all to know that I have a condition called Tourette Syndrome. Tourettes is a neurological condition in the brain which causes me to twitch, shout, make strange noises and a lot of the time use inappropriate language. It is completely involuntary, which means I have no control over it.
I just wanted to make you all aware (In case you’re wondering why the f*ck I’m spazzing out lmao). Thank you all for all the support and believe me when I say that this is only the beginning! Lots of love x