Fitgurlmel – Melissa Alcantara

Bio: Melissa is a celebrity trainer, bodybuilding champion, and fitness and lifestyle coach.


HOLLY sh*t this past week has been stressful, and it ain’t even nearly over HAHAHA. Nothing relaxes me more than getting needle and ink to my skin, yup I LOVE getting tattooed; doesn’t matter where, it all feels great to me. Check out one of my fave tattoo parlors and my fresh hummingbird tat.

Also, this past week I got to hang out with my Gymshark family and get through 2 days of photo and video shoots. I tell ya, sometimes these shoots are like a 2 hour workout session and we gotta keep lifting and flexing on command…my legs were SHOT, and my shoulders, and my arms, and my hair follicles LOL.

Looking to get a fire leg + butt pump?

1) Squats (wide stance): 5 x 15 – 20
2) Sumo deadlifts: 5 x 15 – 20
3) Walking lunges: 4 x 20 (10 steps each leg)
4) Hamm extension: 5 x 20
5) Calf raises (standing): 10 x 20

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