Today there are more people having hair transplant surgery to treat their hair loss than ever before including a lot of B-list celebrities like Geordie Shore star Kyle Christie and Towie star Mike Hassini and it seemingly started because of Wayne Rooney and his own FUE hair transplant. Unfortunately there are two problems with how modern hair transplants are being performed. The results in general are of lower quality than those found in better clinics ten years ago and the general public does not seem to notice. In fact, the results are so bad that it is almost as if it is a badge to wear if your hair transplant is obvious, like a status symbol to show that you’ve had a hair transplant. I can’t think of any other reason for the noticeably horrible results.

In this Hair Transplant Class #12 Joe Tillman explains the recent history of modern hair transplant surgery, both FUT and FUE, and what has lead to the increase in unnatural FUE results seen more commonly than ever before.

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*Correction* Dr. Steve Gabel and Gabel Hair Restoration was spelled wrong in the video credits for the footage they provided. It is spelled “Gabel” not “Gable”.

I have the largest online glossary of hair loss and hair transplant terms. Below are links to some of the terms I used in this video so you can better understand what I’m talking about.

Hair Transplant graft:

What is a Graft?

Mini-micro grafting:

What is Mini Grafting and Micro Grafting?

What are loupes?

What Are Loupes in Hair Transplant Surgery?

What is FUT?

What is a Follicular Unit Strip Surgery?

What is FUE?

What is a Follicular Unit Strip Surgery?

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