While we had several B-town celebrities like Deepika, Priyanka inking a tattoo of their who’s who, seems like our buzzing bee has grabbed a yet another gorgeous who tends to go the tattoo way! …It’s none other than our Bollywood’s chirpy chick, Alia Bhatt! Wondering if she has got her alleged boyfriend Arjun Kapoor’s initials inked, just like we had Deepika’s past stint? Well, not really but trending it further this time, Alia has inscribed ‘Pataka’ on the nape of her neck! Take a look! Spotted with this desi tattoo at the recently held Filmfare Nominations bash, Alia perhaps still maintains that it was a surprise stint to be revealed sometime later…so ssshh! But well, now that we have exposed the Pataka, do give us your opinion and stay tuned as we bring in more updates to this story!